Tuesday, 31 January 2017

About me...


    My name is Sandhya Bankar, recently finished my internship with The Linux Foundation as Outreachy intern.

I am Open Source enthusiast who is passionate about to learn and explore the Linux kernel. It is a fun to work and enjoy bit more. 
I was the Linux kernel Interned through Outreachy in Round 13. I have just completed Outreachy Internship (https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy/2016/DecemberMarch). Outreachy is hosted by Software Freedom Conservancy with special support from Red Hat and the GNOME Foundation for Women in technology to support women participating in free and open source software since contributors to free and open source projects have mostly been men.

I have been selected for the project "radix tree __alloc_fd" under the guidance of mentor Matthew Wilcox and Rik Van Riel. I got amazing support through the mentor for the __alloc_fd project.
Specific about the project, I have worked for patchset of the IDR (integer ID management). IDR is like radix tree structure. In this currently converting file allocation code to use the IDR. The file descriptors are allocated using a custom allocator. So patchset of this will replaces the custom code with an IDR. This replacement will result in some memory saving for processes with relatively few open files and improve the performance of workloads with very large numbers of open files.The link to submitted patch is


I have completed my Master of Engineering in Computer Networking and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics engineering with distinction. I have done P.G. Diploma course in embedded system and VLSI design from CDAC Pune., Maharashtra, India. My initial preference is C programming through the data structure and algorithms. Extensive experience of Patch sending through git via mutt.

Other than technical studies I love reading books. I also like to spend time on outdoor games.

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